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Heavenly Communication

So, I thought I’d write a little on the subject of “heavenly communication” as I like to call it or the ability of E.T. (L.H.) to “phone home.” Let me say a little bit about Luke while he was here on his Earthly home in that he was not a big proponent of phoning home to tell his mother much of anything. I had to do all the phoning and the extent of our conversation was, ME: “where are you?” L.H.: (in an obviously annoyed/whining voice) “MA!” I’m at Keenan’s house! What do you WANT?” ME: “I need you home for dinner in 10 minutes.” L.H.: (again in an aggravated voice) “O K A Y” (with an over-the-top audible sigh) “UH”!!!’ I then would say, “Ok, get home, love you” and L.H. would answer with a much softer and noticeably quicker, “Bye, luvyoutoo!!” That particular common exchange made me laugh and or smile almost every time I hung up the phone. Which is why this next true story was so incredible to me and undoubtedly made me believe in a souls ability to communicate with their loved ones even after they’ve gone “home”.

First, I should begin this next story with just a little look into my belief system on this topic. A day after my beloved Gram passed into the next life, 17 years ago, I was sitting outside on my deck and encountered one of the most beautiful Monarch butterflies floating around my chair. From that moment on, Gram’s spirit was showing itself to me in a Monarch butterfly. I completely believed that the souls ability to communicate with us Earth-bound spirits was possible and stayed open to the possibility of being able to see/hear/feel more signs from loved ones. What a wonderful experience that allowed me and one that not everyone (I came to find out) believed in. It happened again, the same way, when Luke passed years later only, this time, with a yellow butterfly. Some people are just a little unnerved when I see a butterfly gliding past me and I yell out, “Luke!!! Hi buddy! Love you!!” I’m not going to begin to imagine what they are thinking.

Anyway, on to the experience….It was about three or four weeks after the accident, Sammi and I were upstairs sitting in my room talking about lots of things “Luke”. We talked about his crazy, sometimes “out there” personality, his unique laugh, and his really wild sense of humor. We discussed how much we missed him and both admitted that already after a few weeks, we were starting to forget what his voice sounded like-a most disheartening thing to both of us. In the meantime, Lexi was visiting her long-time friend, Laura and unbeknownst to Sammi and I the four of us were talking about the same exact subject- Luke’s voice. What happened next was, well, amazing. Sammi and I got very quiet after the voice discussion and my cell phone rang. I thought it might have been Lexi calling or maybe the hospital with some news about Kraig, but when I picked up the phone, it had gone immediately to voice mail. A tad strange, but I played back the voice message and nearly passed out! It was Luke’s voice saying he wanted whoever he was calling to “come and meet him at the quarry. Alright, see ya!” My heart was POUNDING!! I played the message over for Sam then and with eyes as big as saucers, she said, “I can’t believe it! How did this happen?” Needless to say, we were stunned for hours. It wasn’t until the next morning that we learned from Lexi that she and Laura were listening to old messages on Lexi’s phone and came across Luke’s message, she thought I might like to have it and sent it to me at the VERY moment we were talking about his voice. You cannot tell me that that little stinker, my son, had nothing to do with orchestrating that unbelievable happening. That as both, Sammi and I and Lexi and Laura were talking about forgetting his voice, he gave us what we all longed for, just that, his voice in an incredible, amazing way. L.H. phoned home. I still cannot believe that truly happened but it did and I’m a believer.

I continue to long for that sweet voice, for anything that proves he was here with us on this Earth if only for a very short time. I truly believe he gave us a gift that day just to prove he is still here. Maybe his presence is no longer in the physical, but he has shown me and his family and friends that he is still here with us in spirit. And, I’ll take his signs whether it’s the graceful, sometimes elusive, yellow swallowtail, his favorite song playing on the radio at much needed time or a “phone call” so I can hear his voice, It’s all of have left, so I’ll take them all, anytime. I have come to appreciate those signs and I look forward to the next one. As in the verse John 6:47 says, “Very truly I tell you, the one who believes has eternal life.” For me, believing is my eternal connection to my son of which I am most grateful.