Luke William Hahn Foundation

Our Team

Board of Directors:

Dana M. Hahn – Founder/President/Foundation Director

Kraig G. Hahn – Founder/Vice President

Samantha K. Baker – Founder/Treasurer/Head of Operations

Alexa M. Holderman – Founder/Secretary/Head of Social Media

Dominick C. Baker – Board of Directors



The Advisory Board is made up of friends, family and community members who strive to uphold the mission of the foundation. Each member contributes in their own unique way bringing many wonderful outlooks and possibilities
to the growth of the foundation. We are grateful to each and everyone of them for giving of their time and abilities.


Elaine Baker

Ruth Hahn

Kerianne Hicks

Nicholas Holderman

Rose Hoppe

Allison Pearsall

Margie Pearsall

Marci Ruggiero

Michael Viscomi

MaryKay Williams



Our Student Advisory Board is made up of Luke’s friends and family. They are responsible for keeping the foundation in line with Luke’s ideals and giving us a younger, fresh outlook. The student members do a great job of honoring Luke in all aspects of the foundation.

Student Members:

Mark Gentile

Sydney Melhem

Maggie Ruggiero

Phil Ruggiero

Keenan Schoeneberger